Anthony Smith

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Anthony Smith, Head of Operations at 1 Time Link, holds a B.Sc./ Psychology and Marketing. Whilst working in the security industry, Anthony was intrigued by the motivation for people who persistently exploit weaknesses in any security infrastructure. During his time as a training coordinator and project manager he realised this was an even bigger problem in cyberspace. Corporations, where Anthony worked, were falling victim to Cyber Espionage more so than physical security breaches. A keen advocate of data privacy, Anthony decided to join a company which shared his vision of solving the problem of data protection. Anthony is responsible for executing the company’s business plan, according to the established business model. He often handles a company's internal affairs and all outward-facing communications.


Address: Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road,London, EC1V 2NX, UKPhone: +44 7746 660370Email:
Product for secure sharing of your sensitive data over the internet.Our mission is to help governments and businesses fully maximize data sharing security, mitigate memory leaks and solve ongoing problems of cyber espionage.


Address: Pavla Hatza 23/2, 10 000 Zagreb, CroatiaPhone: +385 1 4920 905Email:

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