• 1 Time Link creates a unique encryption key, and stores it along with the encrypted data in random access memory (RAM)
• Encryption key is unknown to operator or administrator and cannot be recovered
• It does not leave a footprint on any storage device
• Data encryption using xSalsa 20/Poly1305 and AES-GCM advanced data encryption algorithms
• Kernel-level immutability is enforced to ensure that the operation of the solution is impervious to data tampering or illegal access
• After decryption, that data is overwritten with cryptographically secure random bytes, and then overwritten with zeros for good measure
• As our name suggests, each link can be used only once!


1 Time Link is a stand-alone security solution utilising state of the art algorithms and principles to secure online communications and prevent data tampering. It supports diverse data formats such as plain text, documents, audio, video etc.

The system is designed to provide an innovative, adaptive, and layered
enterprise-grade solution to encrypt and transfer information regardless of size or format. It is completely stand-alone and does not require integration with existing communication infrastructure, lowering the price and complexity of the solution. Additionally, recipients do not have to be integrated into the solution, making it convenient and practical to use.

1 Time Link transfers relevant data through a unique link. Each generated link is unique such that it can only be accessed once. The encrypted data is only stored in Random Access Memory (RAM), it doesn’t leave a cyber footprint on storage devices which even makes systems immune to physically compromise. Once the data is decrypted and delivered to the intended recipient, it is no longer available in any part of the communication chain, making it inaccessible to unauthorised entities.

This data sharing security solution can accommodate any number of users or volume of data, its capabilities are solely dependent on the clients’ infrastructure. Users can access the service through any standard PC/smartphone with a web browser, or any other device capable of internet communication if using API. It can be integrated with Outlook and Gmail via plugins for enhanced out-of-the-box user experience.

Once incorporated, the system and access logs are available for administrators and are customisable, the API is exposed to users wanting to create their client implementations. The entire solution is monotonically designed and without external dependencies, making security audits convenient and reliable.


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Product for secure sharing of your sensitive data over the internet.Our mission is to help governments and businesses fully maximize data sharing security, mitigate memory leaks and solve ongoing problems of cyber espionage.


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