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Our Services

Why choose us

  • Enterprise grade data security software
  • Advanced technological architecture

Individual Approach

We developed an enterprise graded data security software solution that enables you to share your data safely over the internet.

Modern Technologies

While keeping data content in Random Access Memory (RAM), our advanced technological architecture and unique encryption algorithms help mitigate the breach of data protection examples such as side-channel attacks, cold-boot attacks and accidental memory leaks.

Strategic Security Advisory

Our subject experts help direct your organisation’s distinctive challenge of aligning business and security goals to deliver the development of advanced security programs.

We do so by breaking down your existing cyber infrastructure, identifying key weaknesses to various data breach types, defining targets and developing security roadmap to maximise security of your data.

Security Assessment & Regulatory Compliance

We align with industry-leading legal professionals to help our clients meet cyber regulatory requirements. We aim to complete information security compliance gaps to help you focus on relevance of controls, time and budgeting to areas that add value or reduce risk.

  1. We assess and develop your information security projects for privacy regulations with our advisors
  2. We deliver expert guidance through the compliance lifecycle to help you prepare, assess against and meet industry data security regulatory requirements.


Address: Kemp House, 152 - 160 City Road,London, EC1V 2NX, UKPhone: +44 7746 660370Email: info@1time.link
Product for secure sharing of your sensitive data over the internet.Our mission is to help governments and businesses fully maximize data sharing security, mitigate memory leaks and solve ongoing problems of cyber espionage.


Address: Pavla Hatza 23/2, 10 000 Zagreb, CroatiaPhone: +385 1 4920 905Email: info@1time.link

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